Please choose a classification of SCP to read more about the SCP's that are currently in-game.

529 SCP-513 106

Safe SCP's

Euclid SCP's

Keter SCP's


SCP-173:The Sculpture SCP-106:The Sculpture

Upcoming SCP's

The following are not in the game yet, but are confirmed to appear in later updates.

SCP-682 -Hard-to-Kill Reptile

SCP-076 -Able

SCP-058 -Heart of Darkness

SCP-1499 -The Gas Mask

SCP-261 -Pan-Dimensional Vending

SCP-457 -Burning Man

SCP-968 -Tar Baby

SCP-965 -Face in the Window

SCP-251 -The Deceptive Snow Globe



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