Gas Mask—Protects player from hurting eyes in gas. All Class-D are to wear these when traversing through smoke to prevent damages and to make sure no SCP has breached containment around it.

Headphones—Specifically used to prevent hearing 513.

Documents/Notes—Various important info. These include information on certain SCPs, items or areas to help you throughout you play. Don't ignore any of them!

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Level 2 Key Card

Key Card Lv.1-2—Used to unlock certain doors. The colour of the key card determines what doors it opens along with the number. e.g. Yellow is 1 and Red is 5

Coffee—Gives player caffeine, which makes sprint meter slower. Always have a spare cup of coffee, in case you're being chased by SCPs. You never know when you need the energy to run.

SCP items

SCP's that can be picked up


SCP-860—Used to open certain doors, leading to 860-1. Use at your own discretion...