The following SCP's are all classified as Euclid:

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SCP-173 -The Sculpture 


SCP-173, when the graphics settings are set over 5.

An odd, but highly aggressive structure. If direct eye-sight is taken off of SCP-173, it will be able to move. It is known to snap the necks of anyone nearby.

Addendum 173a

SCP-513 -A Cowbell

SCP-513 is a rusty cowbell with high amounts of corrosion.


 If a subject is unlucky enough to hear it, he/she will begin catching glimpses of SCP-513-1. SCP-513-1, described as a ghastly figure, will appear in the subject's sight for brief intervals of time, leading mental stress and paranoia.

This text was recovered from Site-██:

You’ve seen it. Now he can hear you.


You’ve touched it. Now he can see you.
Never ring it. If you hear it, he can touch you.

SCP-096 -The "Shy Guy"



SCP-096 is a humanoid creature of unknown origin. It has an approximate height of 2.38 meters. Skin is mostly devoid of any pigmentation.

If anyone makes eye contact with SCP-096's face - whether it be direct, mirrored, pictured or recorded - it will begin crying from stress. About 10-20 seconds later, SCP-096 will inevitably hunt down the viewer.

SCP-190 -The Toybox



People of age (ACCORDING TO ROBLOX, NOT REAL AGE) above a year are safe... But be warned, people of age below a year might run into unintentional dangers...

SCP-895 - Camera Disruption



SCP-895 appears to be an oak coffin. When opened, object appears to be empty. SCP-895's effects take place when viewed through a camera or other similar devices within proximity. The viewer(s) will experience mild to vivid hallucinations. Those who physically viewed SCP-895 have reported no abnormalities.

Referenced SCP's

These SCP's are not physically in the game, but are referenced through documents, notes, etc.

SCP-173-J -The Original "The Sculpture"

SCP-173-J is a sculpture of unknown origin. When direct eye-sight is taken off SCP-173-J, it is capable of causing shenanigans. It was playful and friendly with a standard "kitty face" painted on its head. However, due to an incident that washed off its face, SCP-173-J's behavior changed, resulting in its aggressive nature to snap necks.


-SCP-173-J is now known as SCP-173.