Addendum 173a: A series of tests to show physical features of SCP-173 and behavioural patterns.

Experiment Log 173a-01i-ii (a pair of identical tests)

Date: ██/██/2009

Test Subjects: i - D-6514 a Male Human, convicted felon, 5'7". Strapped to the wall. 300km away from SCP-173

    ii - D-1409 a Male Human, convicted felon, 6'1". Strapped to the wall. 300km away from SCP-173

Results for 173a-01i: Test Subject reported SCP-173 getting closer at about 15m a blink.

Notes: I'm sure SCP-173 can move faster than that, maybe it's toying with the Class-D since Class-D is strapped down? - Researcher G██████

Results for 173a01ii: Test Subject also reported SCP-173 approaching at about 15km a blink.

Notes: Right. We need to test this without strapping them down. - Researcher G██████

Approved. - 05-█

Experiment Log 173a-02i-ii (a pair of identical tests)

Date: ██/██/2009

Test Subjects: i - D-7123 a Female Human, willingly came, 5'10". Stands at end of corridor. 300km away from SCP-173.

ii - D-1211 a Male Human, demoted from Level 1 by letting loose SCP-███ and SCP-████

Results for 173a-02i: Test Subject said, "Oh sh-- It's moving at about 60km every time I blink! I'm going to die..."

Notes: Another test. Now. - Researcher G██████

Results for 173a-02ii: Test Subject was reported only having to wait five blinks before SCP-173 was in contact with him.

Notes: I was right! But I think we need to do more tests than just speed. Requesting a high-power compressor to try and crush 173 with. - Researcher G█████

Declined. No more tests are allowed to be done on 173 until further consideration - 05-██

Update: ██/██/2012

Testing on SCP-173 has been reapproved, but only when consulting a member of high authority. - 05-██